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What is MultiFunnel?
The multifunnel was originally designed to
meet the needs of millions of reusable water bottle consumers.
The multifunnel bridges the gap between a refrigerators door mounted dispenser and
any reusable water bottle.
The multifunnel can be used to refill any
hard to fill item in an entire household.
The multifunnel has exceptional flow rate
and its elongated and patented design goes where no funnel has ever gone before.
The multifunnel eco-friendly:  no more plastic water bottles in landfills!
The multifunnel is economical:  no more
paying for overpriced water!
What Does MultiFunnel Do?
Works With All Refrigerator Dispensers
Ergonomic Shape & Elongated Spout
Makes Filling Water Bottles Easy
Baby Bottles
Prevents Spills
Dishwasher Safe
Held In One Hand
And Much, Much More!

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