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Why ReUse?
The effect of society’s wastefulness is becoming more apparent on a local and global scale. The United States and other countries spend billions on bottled water when there is clean drinking water available. Not only are we spending too much money on water that has lower standards than tap water, but we are filling our landfills with billions of pounds of oil based plastics. MultiFunnel I assists in the reduction of bottle water bottles in landfills.
Home And Garage
Use MultiFunnel II to help when pouring hazardous materials into vehicles, lawnmowers, weed eaters, ATVs and other containers. Toxic wastes can cause illness or death. Exposure to a small concentration of a highly toxic chemical may cause symptoms of poisoning. Pesticides, cleaning products, paints and many art supplies are examples. Prevent vehicle fluids such as oil and antifreeze from entering a storm drain by using MultiFunnel II.

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