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What is MultiFunnel II?
MultiFunnel I was originally designed to meet the needs of millions of reusable water bottle comsumers, but after the tremendous response of MultiFunnel I we quickly realized that the amazing patented design mixed with the exceptional flow rate of our uniquely shaped funnel created a need and desire for a home, shop, and small business funnel that is not intended only for food use.....so we have introduced MultiFunnel II.
MultiFunnel II has a United States Design Patent.

MultiFunnel II has a unique and first of its kind shape and functionality.

MultiFunnel II has exceptional flow rate and goes where no funnel has ever gone before.
MultiFunnel II saves time: no more time and resources wasted cleaning up senseless waste!
What Does MultiFunnel II Do?
Lawn Mower  •  Tractor
Automobiles  •  Bird Feeder
Salon Products  •  ATV
Motorcycle  •  Weedeater
Crafts  •  Truck Drivers
Reduce your carbon footprint
Spill less oil and household chemicals
This is the one funnel no household, shop or business can do without!

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